The One tip I give to all my clients who are Marketing on a budget…

When it comes to marketing, unless you are a large corporation or non-profit, it’s highly likely that you don’t have a huge monthly budget for marketing your brand or business. That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at stretching your wallet.

There was a time not so long ago when your main avenue for marketing big was using an advertising agency (deep pockets required). You may even still have one hired to manage many of your tasks. However, I would like to share this key that has helped me not only gain repeat business but has helped many people along the way.

Websites, Social Media Management, Outside and Inside Sales, Billboards, Mailers & Handouts, or even Video Blogs are all great ways to showcase who you are but…

Spend Your Money Where It Counts

Spend Your Money Where It Will Really Count!

You may not need an expensive website for your startup when a quick free site like will do. You may have the money for that digital Billboard on the interstate, but will it be most effective at reaching your target audience? Every Door Direct Mailers can be a great resource for getting your message out to your local community, but maybe your story would be heard better through social media and video content.

Don’t just throw money out there without a plan. After over a dozen years of helping businesses grow using all avenues of media I’ve encountered multiple experiences of people overspending in the wrong direction.

As we step into this new year maybe it’s time for a fresh look at your goals.

  • What marketing problems did I encounter last year that I need a solution for?

  • What’s my target audience?

  • What do I really want the most?

  • What can I do for little to no cost so I can spend money where I need help the most?

Keeping your eyes on the big picture can sometimes help you wade through the little choices you make every day a little easier. Don’t settle for comfortable. Get out there and be awesome today!

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