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Finding Free Stock Photography

When it comes to finding free stock photography there’s a lot of places out there to find what you are looking for, but occasionally you find a gem in disguise. Maybe you have a quick flyer to make or something more detailed, and if you read my last blog you’ve already learned the importance of using high quality imagery. Sometimes a single image can make all the difference and doesn’t always have to cost lots of money. Just remember that copyrights may apply no matter where you find the image. (MY FAV)

When it comes to artistic stock photography I always check unsplash first. They have a huge collection of natural and action photography with great filters and editing already applied. Check it out and you’ll see why. The photographer are very appreciative when you reference their work.

With a large selection of creative photography and graphic imagery you can find tons of free options on this site.  It’s because one of the leaders in royalty free stock.  It also has a great tool for selecting photos by color theme for projects in a specific hue.  Check Pexels out here.

With a smaller selection of photos this still has a great collection of themed photos and are mostly professional quality.  Check Negative Space out here.

Flickr started as a place for photographers to share high quality images with others and has morphed into a very large database. You also retain camera metadata from the photographer, which can verify specific looks you are going for.  Search by themes and enjoy exploring.

Formerly,, free images has a lot of free images with natural photo looks. Not much editing is done to most of them either so you get an almost out of camera shot.   They also link to for more studio quality images for purchase (one of the leaders in pay for images).


Google Images

For quick searches of images, Google often is the first place people look. Just be mindful of the need to reference your images properly and who owns them. Search larger than 2MP in the tools drop down and you will often find lots of great images. Many photos are creative commons, meaning you can use it for personal or small quantity business use without paying for a license. Creative searching is key!

Adobe Stock

Lastly, as of this date, has a free one month trial and you can download up to 10 assets I believe. If you have Adobe CC you also get some connection to that database as well.


Of course you can always hire a photographer or go take one yourself. Never underestimate the power of good lighting and a descent camera, even your cell phone.   Iphone users, try portrait mode for that shallow depth of field focus (background blurred out). Well get crackin’ and find that image you are looking for.

Have another site you like to use.  Leave a comment below!

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